Monday, September 3, 2012

GM Merit Badges

Several of the blogs I follow use GM Merit Badges to graphically describe the style of play they run in their games.  I know these aren't new, but I've been looking at them since I first found them, and have decided to post mine on a per-campaign basis.  As an Eagle Scout and an Assistant Scoutmaster I love the whole concept!

Check them out here:  GM Merit Badges

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Star Clans Heraldry

Star Clans Heraldry originated with the unit pennants carried by the brigade of genengineered soldiers stranded on Arden.  The brigade was heading to do battle on a low-tech world, and carried unit pennants based on the style of their target world. 

Over time, as the Uruki forgot their origins, the military symbols were simplified into stylized icons or replaced by icons with local meaning representing the kingdoms and clans.  Uruki pennants have typically been dark ink on pale leather, without additional color.  Since the founding of the Ardeni Kingdoms, the use of color has slowly been added, though not yet above the Family level on Arden itself.

Formal banners use the layout shown here:

This picture shows the symbols of the Oer King (formerly referred to as The King Above) and the two High Kings: