Monday, May 13, 2013

Back to OD&D

We played in my son's game a few times, and then in my Traveller game a few times, and now I've been asked to run my OD&D again for this Friday night... Not too big a deal, I've been running the Milburn Hall campaign with the dice leading the way.  Encountered orcs on the road to Kemper Village?  Guess what, their village is just a few miles away, and they see you as easy marks:  instant recurring encounter with orcs manning a new toll-gate.  Encountered a roc a little further north on the same journey to Kemper Village?  Well, I now know they inhabit the mountains to the east of the road.  Shot and killed a centaur in Kemper village?  Hmmm... wonder what THAT might lead to... Oh, and those kobolds in the underground lair near Milburn Hall?  You never finished them off...

Yeah, there's LOTS to keep us busy this Friday night, but I'll put in a few hours prep this week leading up to the game, just so I can be ready for whatever the players OR the dice throw at me!