Saturday, July 28, 2012


While looking for ideas for interstellar trade in my Star Clans campaign, I came across a sweet little book translating the original Traveller ruleset to ancient Rome.  Very cool!

Here's the description that caught my eye:

A complete 56 page rules conversion of the Classic Traveller rules-set, turning it from interstellar trade to trade in the Roman Empire! New career tables allow you to roll up centurions from Rome, thieves fromAntioch and even tribunes from Caesarea! Of course there are rules for ancient trade, for sailing and weather and also for encounters and equipment in the Roman Empire. Trade in Aramis for Alexandria,Efate for Ephesus and Kinorb for Corinth!

The site has other interesting documents as well.  Check it out here:

Zozer Traveller Notes

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Local gaming and then some!

Back in mid-June, I decided to see if our local comic book stores or games shops had any public games going on... and found that Twilight Comics in Shiloh hosts a Monday night RPG game at 7 pm each week.  I dropped in one week to find a group of guys playing Dresden Files (the ruleset is based on Fate RPG... completely new to me), and was welcomed to join in.  I was given an NPC that had been written up earlier, and tried to follow along.  Having seen the TV series, I knew a little of the background, but had never read the books, so my knowledge was scant.  Between that and trying to figure out a new system, I wasn't much help... but I had a good time!  Two weeks later, I returned, to find the PCs split into two groups and my character's group in a heated battle with a group of red court vampires!  It wasn't pretty, and the dice were definitely NOT with me, but again, I had a great time.

It was clear the players had been gaming together for a long time, and they mentioned they had a website and weekly podcasts, so I checked them out, and urge you to do so as well!


Oh, and here's the link to Twilight Comics.