Sunday, February 5, 2012

Decision Made

The Ardeni population is expanding faster than the others, so now, instead of two problems, I have three.  I cannot wake my masters until it is safe for them; and the Ardeni grow more dangerous as they have lost the gnomish bias against industrialization.

Without my library, I cannot compare this situation to the past.  If the Ardeni begin industrial mining, it will only be a matter of time until they find evidence of my masters' cities.  The orbiting beacons still proclaim this world a red zone, but no ships have entered the system in several centuries.  Should others star-faring races still exist, they may have decided to ignore this world.  On the other hand, if the collapse of the empire continued, it is possible starflight was lost to all.  

There are so many unknowns... but I believe I am correct.  I shall try to steer the Ardeni culture into safer pursuits.  It is time to take on the role of Teacher.  

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