Monday, March 19, 2012

When are we?... and Library Entries

By Terran Reckoning, it is 8353 AD, and the Third Imperium would say it is 3832. 

To the native races of this galaxy, it has been 2721 years since The Blight.  To the races here from the Milky Way, it is 2721 years since The Exile.

In the Kingdoms of Arden, it is the year 540, as measured from Planetfall... and it is the beginning of our adventures!

Library Data:  The Exile - An 18 month period when invaders attacked the 3rd Imperium with weapons of previously unimagined power... weapons that didn't destroy their targets, but opened enormous wormholes that swallowed their targets and spit them out elsewhere.  Over those 18 months, the invaders jumped from system to system, covering a swath 28 parsecs long and 8 parsecs wide at it's widest point, wreaking havoc in every system.  Those targeted found themselves lost in the Exile Galaxy, with no way home, and no idea where home even was.  (The location of the Exile Galaxy in relation to the Milky Way wasn't discovered until 53 years later.)

Library Data:  The Blight - a swath of stars more than 90 light years long and the series of anomalies that swept from one end of the swath to the other over a period of 18 months.   Recording data about these anomalies, and taking into account the relative distances from each of the stars in The Blight to their home worlds, astronomers from many native races determined that something was moving across a large region of space far faster than the speed of light.  This shocking discovery led directly to many races developing the jump drive on their own.

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