Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ten Second Art

After spending an hour trying to find the correct pictures to use as models for my Khorred, then swapping parts to rough out the look I was going for, I printed the draft, then began sketching... I had forgotten that I have absolutely NO skill drawing realistic arms, legs or hands.  This took place early today.

After church this evening, I showed my son the sketch... he was as appalled as I was.  He decided to work on some drawings of his own.  At one point, he told me he was having trouble drawing a squirrel, so I grabbed a pencil, drew a quick circle with a wobbly potato-shape attached to it, and scribbled a tail on the back. (2 seconds work).

Then I realized what it was really supposed to be, and erased the tail, added golden arches, legs and a face.  (MAYBE 8 more seconds).

Here he is:  One-Eye, the patch-wearing goateed butterfly.  BTW, he's NOT happy that you're staring at him!

I will do my darnedest tomorrow to update the sketch of the Khorred and post it... but we'll see.

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