Thursday, January 22, 2015


Lord of the Winter, Master of the Icy Pit, King of the Frozen Waste

Corvis is a member of the Concordat, and is worshipped in Cittá and places dominated by ice, snow or winter.  He appears as a tall gaunt man with pale blue skin, white hair and icy grey eyes.  His symbol is an icicle or a symmetric 6-pointed ice crystal.  He uses a large icicle as a weapon to stab with, or as a wand to cast ice-related spells.

Corvis is neutral.

Clerics of Corvis may wield clubs, maces, daggers, or throwing stars (modeled on snowflake designs they create) or anything they can fashion from ice. They may not wear metal armor. His clerics most often dress in pale blue, white, or grey and black.

They gain the following abilities:

  • At 5th level, his clerics Resist Cold as per the 1st level spell
  • At 9th level, his clerics Resist Fire as per the 2nd level spell

In addition, he grants them access to the following spells when they reach the appropriate level:

  • Ice Storm (from 4th level Mage list) as a 4th level spell
  • Cone of Cold (from 5th level Mage list) as a 5th level spell
  • Control Weather (from 6th level Mage list) as a 6th level spell

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