Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Gaming Goals

I posted my 2013 Gaming Goals back on 23 Dec 12.  How did I do?  Well, the first goal was to run my Traveller game at least monthly... FAIL - I only ran 7 games!  The second goal was to start my OD&D campaign... SUCCESS - I ran about a dozen games.  Third goal was to start running OD&D with another group, not made up of my son's friends:  FAIL.  My final gaming goal was to do a better job blogging, both in terms of frequency and length/content... PARTIAL SUCCESS - Overall blog count was up, but I slacked off after the school year started, so frequency fell to zero.  Not so hot, 2013!

For 2014, my gaming goals are as follows:

  • Run at least 26 sessions with my current gaming group, including both my OD&D and Traveller campaigns 
  • Blog at least thrice weekly, all year long 
  • Create a "players' guide" to my OD&D world, and print it for each of my players 
  • Start a second group in my OD&D campaign, with a group of coworkers/friends 
  • Host non-RPG game nights to try out some other games 

What are YOUR gaming goals for 2014?

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