Monday, January 13, 2014

Clerics of the Nine Hundred Gods of Citta

Temples of the Nine Hundred Gods of Cittá vary widely, but as mentioned, all contain the stone tablets listing the deities; and all conduct an annual service that includes a recitation of the names of all the deities in the Concordat.  This is not to say that all temples are generic to the Nine Hundred.  Most temples have active clergy of only one or two deities, or at most a small group forming a single pantheon.  In such cases, each cleric would be dedicated to one deity, but would help followers of the Others as well.  Temple clerics and adventuring NPC clerics have a 10% chance per level of knowing whether any named deity is a member of the Concordat.  If asked to identify religious items, such as a holy symbol, special garments, etc., of another deity, an NPC cleric who recognizes the deity as outside of the Nine Hundred receives a -3 on his reaction roll.  If the deity is a member of the Concordat, but an opposition deity or alignment to the cleric's own; his reaction roll will be at -1.

Clerics of the Nine Hundred Gods of Cittá must choose a specific deity before they reach 4th level; prior to that they receive their power generically from the deities of the Nine Hundred whose alignment they share.  Once a deity has been chosen; clerics begin to work toward the goals of their deity, which means they must adhere to their alignment and any specific tenets of their faith.  Clerics who aid those whose alignment is different from their own without a very good reason may find themselves at odds with their deity, and face sanctions ranging from visionary warnings to loss of spells or other powers, and a requirement to atone by donating their wealth to the temple, or even embarking upon a long and dangerous quest to benefit the deity or his temple.

Of course, no two deities of the Nine Hundred will have the same requirements or restrictions for their clerics; and chaotic deities will tend to play fast and loose with the requirements of the Concordat.  A few of the Nine Hundred will be detailed here in the near future for player use.

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