Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Xenili Opokwa

The Hunter, He Who Provides, The Seeker.  Neutral.

Primitive tribesmen, living in the deserts beyond the edge of civilization, worshipped The Hunter long before the Concordat.  Xenili Opokwa favored neither the encroaching civilizations, nor the terrible creatures that roamed the deserts where his people lived; and so He Who Provides protected them from both.  In the end, though, as Cittá continued to expand, he joined the Concordat, and his people were assimilated.

The Seeker is most often portrayed as a tall, wiry man with dark skin, carrying a boomerang and either a spear or a sling.  He is clad only in a loincloth.  His clerics tend to specialize in spells that assist with basic survival.  They may use any weapon made of wood (staves, bows, spears, slings. etc.), and may not wear metal armor.  Upon reaching 4th level, they gain a 20% chance to move silently and to hide in shadows, and each time they gain a level, may split 5 additional points between the two skills.

Xenili Opokwa is the patron of huntsmen, the heads of families, guildmasters, bounty hunters, and those who seek lost items.  Those who wish to curry his favor give gold to his temples or directly to those in need, saying "This comes from He Who Provides."

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