Monday, August 4, 2014


Lord of Sleep, Giver of Health, Loremaster.  Lawful.

Thanatos is a member of the Concordat, and is worshipped in Cittá as well as in the newly founded monastery at Kemper Village.  His priests have access to a first level sleep spell, as per the 1st level mage spell, and to a 3rd level spell, "Healing Sleep" that causes the recipient to sleep for 2-12 hours, during which they heal 1 point for each hour slept.  Temples and monasteries of Thanatos tend to include libraries and often host sages and researchers for a fee.

Thanatos' symbol is a stylized eyelid, found in two forms:  Thanatos Aware, (Up, with 17 eyelashes) and Thanatos Dreaming (down, with 7 eyelashes).  His clerics will normally keep this as their sleep cycle, being up for 17 hours and asleep for 7 each day.  The "Thanatos Aware" symbol is used when seeking knowledge; the "Thanatos Dreaming" symbol when invoking sleep or healing.

Thanatos himself is never portrayed.  His clerics turn undead as though they were a level higher than they are, using the Thanatos Aware symbol.  They fight only with blunt weapons like clubs, maces and hammers, bludgeoning their opponents rather than cutting them.

Thanatos is the patron of healers, sages, and those who seek hidden knowledge.  His clerics often wear a Thanatos Aware platinum earring on their right ear, and a Thanatos Dreaming earring on their left.  Those who seek his favor give either books or medicinal herbs to his temples.

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