Sunday, August 3, 2014

Where has 2014 gone?

Played yesterday morning for the first time in quite a few months.  My "year in gaming" hasn't turned out quite like I hoped, as I've gotten side-tracked not only with work and real world issues, but big time-sinks like Facebook.  Anyway, I played in my son's game, where my thief, Corrin Aledrinker, is now 7th level.  When we started, my son was running with 4th edition, but he switched backward to 2nd edition after he and the players saw how much simpler the rules were in my OD&D game.  For Christmas 2013, he got a spiral-bound copy of OSRIC, and soon switched back from 2nd edition to 1st.  I've got to admit, I liked the 2nd edition rogue's ability to decide which thieving abilities he wanted to improve when gaining levels, but I don't mind the loss all that much.  Corrin is still Corrin after all... a halfling from a family of brewers who left home to see the (ales of the) world!  I have a great time playing him.  From sampling every wineskin we find, to using ale and wine when negotiating with the orc merchant we sell our found gems and jewelry to, he's been a blast!

I've set up a game for this coming Saturday in my OD&D campaign.  Even though I haven't done anything with it since, I think, January, I'm already thinking up new adventure hooks to lay before the players!  The local village around Milburn Hall has grown, the recolonization of Kemper Village has proceeded, and the lizard men in the swamp south of Milburn Hall are about to make themselves known to the PCs... I'm very much looking forward to Saturday!

Game on!

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