Saturday, January 5, 2013

House Rules for Exploring the Outside Inn

House Rules for my Exploring the Outside Inn campaign:

  • Players will start off with 5 zero level characters:
          -- Roll on the Occupation Table for occupation, weapon and extra item
          -- Roll 1d6 for gold, 3d6 for silver, and 5d6 for copper coins
          -- Pick a name, and choose alignment (law, neutrality, chaos)
          -- No stats are rolled until needed, then are rolled using 3d6
          -- Zero level hit points will be a d4, with 1s counting as 2s, and modified by constitution
          -- Zero level characters start at -500 experience

  • To reach first level and choose a class, all six of a character's basic stats must be revealed, and he must have earned 500 experience
  • Experience points come from monsters and treasure; additional experience can be earned for spending treasure on non-adventuring activities
  • Hit dice will be rerolled at each new level, and the higher of the prior or new roll taken as the new hit points

Other rules will be added as I modify the LBB rules, or attempt to fill in gaps... but the goal is to maintain an old school feel for the campaign.

My house rules have been influenced by the gaming blogs I read... and when I come across the original posts that prompted me to try a rule, I'll come back here and update this post to give credit where due.  In the meantime, you can check out the "Blogs I Follow" and see for yourself!

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