Friday, January 18, 2013

Rough Night

We played our 4th game of "Exploring the Outside Inn," and I'm wiped... The party split into three groups, which kept me moving around the table all evening, trying to keep track of  who was doing what, to whom, and when.  As everyone walked out, including the two new guys, they all said they had fun.  Oy.

I'll post the game report tomorrow.

In the meantime, what went wrong?

  • During setup, I brought in a second long table, which unfortunately made it harder for the players to remain a unified group... smaller table-space with crowded seating is probably actually better for this particular group
  • I played several monsters foolishly, inadvertently giving the players breaks they shouldn't have gotten after they split up into three groups.
  • I let the game run beyond the planned 10 pm end-time by almost an hour, thus forcing a fast resolution to the final events of all three groups
I'm sure post-game analysis tomorrow will show me more, but as I said, I'm wiped... good night.

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